Friday, 9 December 2011

online banking, money transfer alternatives paypal alertpay checkout and other

Online Banking, Money Transfer Alternatives Paypal, Alertpay, Checkout and Other Ways

Are you still using your bank account

  - for shopping online transferring money, now you can use paypal, alertpay, checkout and other services. I will tell you how to use these services, Paypal is for online shopping and money transferring online.


By Paypal you can purchase any items online sell items online and transfer your money

- from paypal to bank account and bank account to paypal. For this service Paypal charges 2% to 3% from their costumers. And you will receive Payment in your bank account in 7 Business days. Paypal is very popular and easy to use and available on every shopping websites.


Alertypay is the same as Paypal

, -  But alertpay charges less than 3% for all transactions. alert pay is not available on all websites but is a popular too.

Using Google Checkout

Google checkout
-  is available only on selected websites. It is a google's program and it transfers amount to your bank after 30 days.

how to be a successful blogger and make a huge money from adsense

How to be a Successful Blogger and Make a huge money from

Writing A Blog


This is a very good idea to be a good blogger. Everybody can be a good blogger. First of all you have to learn how to write a blog, what is blog, why people write blogs.

How to write a blog


Before writing a blog you need to know some important things.
Choose a correct title and the title which is very common and useful for all.
Write the content based on your selected title.
Do not repeat any line word and Don't copy from other websites.
Describe your content as much as you can your writing language should be simple and easy to understand.

How to make a huge money from adsense

Signup for adsense and paste a ad code on your web pages.
By adsense you would earn millions of dollars.
By adwords you will get traffic.
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why people like working offline or jobs rather than online or internet works

Why People like Working Offline or Jobs rather than Online or Internet Works

Online Making Money

Today everybody is using internet but even after that most of the people don't believe in online making money. But it is true that anybody can make money online without spending any money. There are many options for making money online this time. I will tell you about some online money making works. Many people makes a website and sell online content, earn from advertisement through publisher program, making a free scripts and paid scripts on php asp java and other programming languages.

With publisher program you can make money from

google adsense and more

Make Money And Website Through Website Automated Scripts

Some web developers are making money through making a scripts like almond classified, open classified, wordpress, jumla, php link directory and other scripts on php asp and other site languages.
Some people are making money through Ad Posting Work, Online Data Entry Work, Making website, Website scripts making, Earning from own website through advertisement and more other.

All the earnings  Are only through Online Advertisements.
There is no program called 'earning program' only publisher earning is the right way To earn money.