Friday, 9 December 2011

online banking, money transfer alternatives paypal alertpay checkout and other

Online Banking, Money Transfer Alternatives Paypal, Alertpay, Checkout and Other Ways

Are you still using your bank account

  - for shopping online transferring money, now you can use paypal, alertpay, checkout and other services. I will tell you how to use these services, Paypal is for online shopping and money transferring online.


By Paypal you can purchase any items online sell items online and transfer your money

- from paypal to bank account and bank account to paypal. For this service Paypal charges 2% to 3% from their costumers. And you will receive Payment in your bank account in 7 Business days. Paypal is very popular and easy to use and available on every shopping websites.


Alertypay is the same as Paypal

, -  But alertpay charges less than 3% for all transactions. alert pay is not available on all websites but is a popular too.

Using Google Checkout

Google checkout
-  is available only on selected websites. It is a google's program and it transfers amount to your bank after 30 days.

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